Monday, February 23, 2009

Upcycled Zebra Earrings

z e b r a . e a r r i n g s
{recycling process}
I had mini glass beads sitting in a box for a while, the ones where you add to your fish bowl or plants as decor. I got them for my little sister's fish but they've been useless since Skittles passed away :( So these earrings were definitely inspired by my little sister who is obsessed with zebra print. Every single thing that she owns is decked out with zebra, zebra, zebra! I took my old black nail polish from last year that got clumpy which doesn't look good on nails anymore, and hand painted the animal design. I love painting my nails and I always go for crazy wild colors but when I come home they just don't look great on me. So I'm satisfied that I've found another usage for them. I glued on surgical steel (hypoallergenic) posts and backings.

{materials recycled // from}
paint // nail polish
glass beads // my stash of collected junk

These are made to order so if you're interested, please allow 1-2 days from the day purchased for the earrings to be shipped out to you.

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