Saturday, September 8, 2012

Quality time in Napa

Due to technical difficulties, I have no idea how to retrieve my old blog so it looks like EcoMonster is just going to have some blogging gaps.  Oh well!  

I had such a great summer this year, sadly it went by so quickly with autumn rolling in now.  Recap on our anniversary trip to Yountville/Napa.  Sutty gave me one clue as to where we were going and he said that we had to wake up at 5am and I immediately knew we were going hot air ballooning!  I've got mad planning skills...

We have been dating for three years now and I have to say that setting aside quality time together is very important, even when you live together.  Actually, especially because you live together!  You get into your routine and before you know it, the relationship goes bland so we like to do mini getaways to remind us why we should not strangle each other.  Relationships are like gardens, you need to actively tend to it to keep it beautiful and alive.   

Do you have any fun date ideas to share?


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