Tuesday, February 17, 2009

not too raw, not too cooked

So I got curious about why people think that global warming is a scam and decided to googled it instead of studying for my midterm. That always seem to be my solution for my curiosity and avoid studying. I've read various articles from different resources about the issue and still couldn't decide what to believe. And after reading this forum I have to agree that often times it's more accurate to be somewhere in between than to be too far on either side as with most issues. Just thought I'd share because I thought it was so absurd when people claimed global warming as a scam.
"The fact that the earth's average global temperature is rising (aka global warming) is beyond contestation: all you need to do is look at a graph of yearly temperatures. What the debate is about is whether or not humans
are directly contributing to this warming, which is still debatable." Well said in the 12th post by Smallz3141.
Thus, people who are bluntly stating that global warming is a scam, need to rephrase because it's driving me crazy. I'm definitely open to opinions on causes and contributions of global warming though.

I came to the realization that I like to be in the middle about a lot of things in life. I don't like competition thus I don't want to be number one yet I don't like finishing last neither. Not too raw not too cooked. As with being an environmentalist I can't say I'm 100% eco-friendly proof but I definately try harder than your average shopper. This is also how I envision EcoMonster to be, a place for all shoppers, not just tree huggers nor name-brand-obsessed consumers. I want to be able to put in the eco-friendly effort into the products so that when someone picks it up, they simply enjoy it. But I do concentrate more on spreading the green message to someone who normally wouldn't. Cheesy huh? Yeah that's how we monsters like it. :)


FleursRockAffair said...

Well stated post =) It is good to be in the middle and not to extreme to either side!!

Winona said...

Interesting blog, definitely caught my attention.. and I agree be in the middle.