Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping

We FINALLY opened xmas gifts and it's mid-Jan! I know but it's because we were away during the time. I tried to record as much as possible my eco-friendly gift wrapping process that could be used for any occassions.

Eco Package Materials:
1. Shipping Packages: Save boxes and envelopes you get from packages in the mail and reuse them to either ship out items or wrap up a gift.

2. Random Containers- Here are just a few examples: Pringles, small cosmetic box, and vending machine plastic balls.

Eco Wrapping Materials:
1. Old, Unwanted Posters

2. Brown Paper Grocery Bags: turn them inside out by cutting them open and using the blank side.

There are countless of ways to change the plain brown look:
1. plastic pom pom- tutioral here by Creature Comforts using plastic grocery bags
2. rubber stamps- ink away like I did here
3. personalize- use scraps of paper to cut out the name of recipient
4. ribbons & bows- salvage ribbons and bows and reuse
5. comment your suggestions!

3. Newpapers: Sunday Comics are my favorite for wrapping.

4. Junkmail
: For very small packages.

Results! With some salvaged tissue paper that I twisted to turn into a quick bow.

There are just a few ideas and options. It just requires a bit of saving random junk. If you don't want your saved junk to go out of hand just designate a certain spot and only save the worthy containers.


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Mary Ellen Coumerilh said...

So many good ideas!!! Not only does this save landfill space, it saves money, too. Thank you.