Sunday, November 2, 2008

Looking to Purchase/Trade

Being on a tight student budget, trades have worked really well for me. Holidays are coming fast so I'm brainstorming for gift projects and such. I'm looking for recycled materials to work and specific gifts I have in mind for people on my list. So not only am I looking for your made goods, but also your unwanted stuff that could be sitting in your closet or storage place.

Currently looking to Trade (& purchase)
-travel wallet/organizer/holder
-unwanted composition books (or used but with lots of pages left)
-plain t-shirts (most colors, unwanted but like new)
-knitting tools, supplies (needles, yarn)

I'm still brainstorming so check back to see my updated list. please comment a link to your listing or email me a picture at

thx :)

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