Monday, October 27, 2008

Green Organization

recycled organizing project no. 1 - cereal box filers
I found this idea on martha sewart's organizing section and had to try it. these are great for magazines, although you have to search for a big cereal box i think. I'm just using them to store my scrap papers at the moment. You can use so many recycled resources to cover these cereal boxes up. I used a gift bag that I saved from my birthday because it was way too cute and I knew it was going to come in handy.

other fun recycled materials you could use:
sunday comics or plain ole newpaper looks cool
decoupage with comic books or magazine pages
used gift wrapping paper
grocery paper bags and rubber stamp them to make it cute
comment me your ideas

cereal box + cute gift bag = stylish filer
+ =

recycled organizing project no. 2 - record album cover wall organizers
awesome diy by paper and stitch.

here's my own wall below. sorry the pictures are blurry but i'm too lazy to retake them. lol, mine doesn't look organized anymore with all the recycled papers hanging out. i love it since my wall was so bare and being a student it's more efficient to utilize my wall space in my cramped room for ecomonster projects. the great thing was, after i saw the diy i was thinking i should head to the thirft store to purchase some records for this project but instead i got to rescue some off the streets! it was really meant to be because we parked downtown and when we got back to the car, they were litterally dumped behind a shop. that really made my day greener! :)

okay that's it for now. hopefully i'll get to finish other organizing projects when exams are over which feels like never!


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