Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Easy How To Make Envelopes From Magazine

m a g a z i n e . e n v e l o p e s

This is a super-dee-duper easy envelope you can make from old magazines with minimal cutting with means less scraps of paper left over. You just need old magazines, scissors, and tape or other adhesive. I package my items this way most times.

1. Start of with any magazine page. Turn it around, fold the bottom up but leave about an inch for your flap later.
2. Fold the right and left sides in about an inch.
3. Fold your flap down.
4. Open up the page and flatten out.
5. Cut as seen in picture. I cut the corners at an angle which you can also round out.
6. Fold back up and glue or tape the two side flaps down.
7. Fill with goodies and use cute stickers or tape to seal it up and mail it out.

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