Wednesday, December 3, 2008

We.Eat.Your.Trash Program

How WE.EAT.YOUR.TRASH program works:

1. is your junk on our wanted list?
2. don't want to send them to the landfills?
3. is your item on our CURRENT purple list (right hand side of home page)?
4. email us
5. once your items are accepted, ship it to us
6. we either give you a coupon, cash money, or a pat on the back for being eco-friendly. it all depends! It doesn't hurt to drop us an email to see if we'll take it.

Send us your junk! We need certain recycled materials for our projects and crafts and it gets tough looking for them, thus we are turning to you. Please contact us first before sending out any items to confirm acceptance. We appreciate you supporting a greener life.

This is NOT THE UPDATED LIST. Please check on right hand side of home page for an current list of accepted items.
. birthday candles
. bumper stickers
. composition books
. fabrics
. knitting tools
. rolodex
. stickers
. wick
. yarn

$$$= we will pay you for these items. (email for an estimate)

All donations should be used and/or unwanted or else it'll defeat the purpose of recycling. thanks!


erin, maker of chimes said...

I love how you recycle and then list the details of everything recycled.

you might try joining the Yahoo groups of craftyfreecycle and EtsyRecycle to find some of the items that you need for your future crafts.

Keep up the awesome work!

EcoMonster said...

thanks for the encouraging comment!

Anonymous said...

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