Monday, November 17, 2008

EcoMonster Zine Issue No. 1 - DIY recycled envelopes

our first issue of diy zine.
w e . e a t . t r a s h
this one is on how to make your own recycled envelopes. this is a very easy diy that i thought i'd make it available for someone who wanted easy instructions to turn their own magazines and such into useful envelopes.

comes with recycled stickers from unwanted bumper stickers to seal up the envelopes.

comes with a template with easy instructions

also comes with rescued address labels

this zine is available on our etsy

here are online links of different envelope templates that you could just print out yourself.
from etsylabs

What I also do is whenever i get a cute box or envelope I'll disassemble it and save it as my template.

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